Why Evidox

  • We have a stellar track record. Our approaches to electronic discovery and trials have been used successfully on behalf of some of the largest and most sophisticated clients in the world.
  • We know what you need. Our principals ran the largest in-house litigation technology facility in New England before founding Evidox. We know how to conduct e-discovery for the most demanding attorneys.
  • We know strategy, not just technology. Our CEO is a former litigation attorney with a background in developing litigation technology systems. Our COO is a former litigation paralegal with a background in e-discovery systems and databases. We understand why, not just how.
  • We are cost-effective. Evidox provides expertise of superior project management and litigation support services that results in smarter approaches.
  • We support you through trial, not just discovery. We have deep expertise in presenting electronic evidence in court. Our principals have worked on some of the highest-profile trials.
  • We are fast. We can provide rapid turnaround on projects with short deadlines.

Evidox: Legal-Centric Ediscovery